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SEMANTIC MILESTONES FOR NATIONAL IDENTITY IN CANTEMIRIAN WORK DESCRIPTIO MOLDAVIAE   Professor  Octavia Costea, Ph.D Faculty of Education The Christian University Dimitrie Cantemir Methods and topics Types of semantic inventory on national identity in Cantemirian work Descriptio Moldaviae Research methods: check-list historical analysis Prerequisites Dimitrie Cantemir processes in his consciousness: identity references – national and […]

 SOCIAL EPISTEME OF THE PLAY IN THE CANTEMIR’S WORK DESCRIPTIO MOLDAVIAE Senior lecturer Conona Petrescu Faculty of Educational Sciences The Christian University Dimitrie Cantemir Methods and topic (I) The role of the game in social development from the perspective of Dimitrie Cantemir’s perception identified in Descriptio Moldaviae (Chapters XVII, XVII and Ethnological methods: EMIC and […]

  DIN PARTEA ASOCIAȚIEI EUROPENE DIMITRIE CANTEMIR, LA CONFERINȚĂ AU PARTICIPAT:   DOMNUL MIHAIL ȚĂPÂRLEA – VICEPREȘEDINTE DOMNUL CIOBANU VIOREL – SECRETAR GENERAL DOMNUL CANTARAGIU IONEL- MEMBRU ÎN CONSILIUL DIRECTOR       (Conference Agenda) November  23, 2017 18.00-20.00: Welcoming the conference attendees   November  24, 2017 09.30-10.30: Conference attendees registration (Aula Magna entrance hall) […]

Wednesday, October 25, 2017, 10.00 am, the Secretary General of the European Association “Dimitrie Cantemir” Mr. Col. (ret.) Viorel Ciobanu was present at the Reşiţa garrison at the Caraş-Severin County Military Center. The activity started at 10.00 in the host institution’s festive hall. As the Day of the Army, representatives of the Parliament, the Prefecture, […]

  Anatoly Chernyaev, Ph.D., Head of the Department of the History of Russian Philosophy at the Institute of Philosophy, Russian Academy of Sciences; Vladimir Sidorin, Ph.D., Researcher at the Institute of Philosophy, Russian Academy of Sciences; Ksenia Vorozhikhina, Ph.D., Researcher at the Institute of Philosophy, Russian Academy of Sciences.     Tudor Petcu:  First of […]

On the 343 rd anniversary of Dimitrie Cantemir’s birth, on the 26 th of October, the launch of the book ‘Dimitrie cantemir- bridge of knowledge between the orient and the occident took place at the Cantemir Voda National College Bucharest. The European Association Dimitrie cantemir Was represented by Viorel Ciobanu, general secretary of the association […]

The International Conference -Dimitrie Cantemir’work- A symbol of convergent civilizations took place within the Christian University Dimitrie Cantemir between the 24-26 th of October 2016. Beside the presentation of some scientific works ,the conference programme consisted of launching the work of studies and articles entitled Dimitrie Cantemir – a bridge of knowledge between the eastern […]

BOOK DONATION AND VISIT AT ANTIOH CANTEMIR HIGH SCHOOL IN CHISNAU   The programme of the European Association Dimitrie Cantemir delegation in Chisnau consisted of a visit at Antioh Cantemir Theoretical High school, an educational institution which uses Russian as teaching language, with 51 classrooms and 1000 students. The delegation was guided by professor Nadejda […]