The memorable

On March 15, 2013 in the Senate Hall “Dimitrie Cantemir” (UCDC), at the meeting of the European Association constitution “Dimitrie Cantemir” (SDC) was discussed, proposed and elected by secret composition of the Board of Directors.

Intocmire documente obtinere personalitate juridica

Completion of adhesions to SDC

Consiliul director inainte de sedinta

Pending the opening day of the establishment of SDC

Sedinta de constituire Asociatia Europeana "Dimitrie Cantemir"

The young participants expect the opening of the Constituent Assembly of SDC

G-ral Gheorge Ilie in Adunarea de constituire

Consultations before the Assembly for the establishment of AEDC

Presedintele g-ral Mihail Taparlea conduce sedinta de constituire a asociatiei

General (r) Mihail Ţăpârlea open trends accounting Assembly of AEDC

Alocutiunea rectorului Universitatii Crestine "Dimitrie Cantemir" Corina Dumitrescu

Statement by Mrs. Corina Dumitrescu rector of UCDC

Alocutiunea ministrului de externe Titus Corlatean

Statement by Mr. Foreign Minister Titus Corlăţean

Alocutiunea secretarului de stat Radu Boroianu

Address by Mr. Secretary, Ministry of Culture and National Heritage Radu Boroianu

Alocutiunea generalului (r) Mircea Chelaru

Address by Mr. retired general Chelaru

Civili si militari in conducerea Asociatiei Europene "Dimitrie Cantemir" - Titus Corlatean si Mircea Chelaru

Mr. Foreign Minister congratulates Mr Titus Corlăţean. Chelaru general for his speech

Alocutiunea col. (r) Ciobanu Viorel in cadrul sedintei de constituire a Asociatiei Europene "Dimitrie Cantemir"

Mr. al. (r) presents work Viorel Ciobanu “Pyramid cantemiristă” – vol. II, the book from which was born the idea of setting SDC

Cuvantare presedinte Besta Group Paul Tudor

Address by Mr. general manager SC “Best Group”, Paul Tudor, president of the Foundation “TUDOR”

Cuvantare col.(r) Ciobanu Viorel in cadrul sedintei de constituire a Asociatiei Europene "Dimitrie Cantemir"

Mr. al. Viorel Ciobanu reserve proposals for Board of Directors

Participanti studenti la sedinta de constituire

Issues from the floor during the Assembly for the establishment of AEDC

Participanti la desfasurarea sedintei de constituire a asociatiei

Voting Board of AEDC

Citire statut Asociatia Europeana "Dimitrie Cantemir"

Mr. general Ionel Cantaragiu acknowledges voting results to the Board of Directors

Audiere rezultate vot Consiliul Director

We hear the results of the voting for Board

Rector Corina Dumitrescu si g-ral Mircea Chelaru

Mr. Chelaru retired general and rector Ms. Corina Dumitrescu comment voting results

In asteptarea rezultatului votului consiliului director

Full satisfaction of the participants …

Dimitrie Cantemir

Dimitrie Cantemir