The objectives of the Association

The objectives of the Association are the following:
– Implementation of joint projects and programs of cooperation with all the educational institutions having the great encyclopaedist as spiritual protector, with other state institutions in the country and abroad, as well as with certain NGOs  aimed to develop human resources, organizing visits and internships, training, specialized training, including by granting scholarships in Romania or abroad;
– Stimulating the scientific research by providing research grants and publishing the most successful research in science, philosophy, sociology, history, ethnography, etc.
– Nurturing civic values ​​of the rule of law by establishing and developing collaboration relations with similar organizations in the country and abroad, with specialized international bodies, in accordance with the foreign policy of the Romanian state;
– Promoting the fundamental values ​​of democracy, Romanian national interests and symbols as well as the EU, through works and acts of culture;
– Participation in the education of youth within the educational institutions named after the great encyclopaedist, in the spirit of love towards the mother-country, the glorious past of the Romanian people and the history of the EU countries, respect and cooperation among nations and communities;
– Stimulating the concerns of the Cantemirean followers  (Cantemirists*-  by “Cantemirist” we refer to any graduate / student / pupil (who turned 18) of an university or college named after the great scholar, as well as the teachers who teach in these educational institutions) to perform studies, summaries, statements and publishing books having as main subject social issues, cultural-educational and encyclopedic-Cantemirean;
– To contribute to the Association members respect and protection of civic honor and dignity in order to promote the real image of the Association actions, through a permanent communication with the media.


The following activities will be carried out within the Association:

* Organizing debates, seminars, conferences, symposia, lectures on Cantemirean topics, working groups on issues of inter-cultural relations in Europe;
*The editing of the annual volume “Dimitrie Cantemir – European scale personality”, as a publication devoted to the study on the life and work of Dimitrie Cantemir contemporary inter-cultural relations within the European community, as well as current issues of Romanian culture, highlighting the most significant results obtained by educational and research institutions with the name Cantemir as well as studies, research or interdisciplinary research conducted by teachers, graduates, students / pupils, followers of Cantemir’s name.

* Information on new editorials presenting topics of broad European interest;
* Advice and assistance for research, studies and programs on issues related to the goals of the Association, and the granting of scholarships and research grants to  young Romanian and foreign researchers, for specific issues related to the Cantemirean topics and general European interest topics.
* Promotion and participation in the organization and development of cultural-educational, sports and entertainment activities of Cantemir’s followers, of the members of the Association;
* The celebration of important events related to national, local and military tradition of Romania and the European Communities;
* Editing the work of Dimitrie Cantemir in three broad use languages and stimulate scientific research, inventions and innovations of Cantemir’s followers;
* Acting in order to bring into the country the documents related to the complex activity of Dimitrie Cantemir, in original or copy, from private collections or public archives;

* Establishment of a Prize “Dimitrie Cantemir”. This prize will be awarded each year to the people with remarkable theoretical and practical contributions to promoting the Cantemirean Sirit and the unity of Europe;
* The preservation of the heritage and testimonies related to the life and work of Dimitrie Cantemir;
* Initiating or contributing to accomplishing projects and the inauguration of a statuary and effigies of Dimitrie Cantemir in the country and abroad

The Association operates under the patronage of the President of the Romanian Academy and under the patronage of rectors of higher education institutions that have Dimitrie Cantemir as spiritual protector, their rectors being honorary chairmen, the vice-presidents being the directors of secondary educational institutions with the name of Cantemir.
Its operation is under moral and scientific responsibility of the Romanian Academy and other educational and cultural institutions.