The purpose of the Association

The purpose of the European Association “Dimitrie Cantemir” is to contribute to the detection and enhancement of the essences of the most cultivated prince of the last thousand years, through promoting the work and memory of the great scientist, encyclopaedist and Romanian politician Dimitrie Cantemir, in stimulating and sustaining the interest for this exceptional personality of Romania, Europe and the world, and for the study of contemporary intercultural relations.

The Association aims to act for:
– Supporting generous ideas and promoting inspired projects, designed to contribute to the knowledge and dissemination in Romania and in other countries, of the wealth of ideas that circumscribe the term “spiritual source” Dimitrie Cantemir;
– Strengthen and support the role of educational institutions in the civil society and the ones of security and defence, public order and national security, by stimulating research and innovation for the development and modernization of the Romanian education and society;
– Propensity of the scientific research activity through affirming and promoting the Cantemirian spirit  and certain collaboration relations between educational institutions, research institutions, administrative and cultural,  having Dimitrie Cantemir as spiritual protector;
– Accomplishment of  Dimitrie Cantemir iconography;
– Promotion of Euro-Atlantic ​​and civic values, democracy and rule of law, good neighbourly relations between EU Member States, through facts and acts of culture, based on knowledge and promotion of scientific, humanistic and European personalities, smooth coexistence of all ethnic groups in Europe.